One of my favorite things about Cape Cod is the people. For me, it is the people that always make a place feel like home. Everyone on Cape Cod is happy to be there and smiling faces fill the streets.

The Black Dog Heights Cafe is a new cafe located near the Island Queen ferry that takes visitors to Martha’s Vineyard and has super friendly staff. I got a lot of compliments on my Cape Cod Jewelry!  The Black Dog Heights Cafe offers fresh pastries, sandwiches and more. Fresh produce fills the restaurant. Next to the cafe is a quaint bike rental shop that offers anyone a family pedal bike to ride through the streets of Falmouth. 

The service at The Black Dog Heights Cafe is quick and easy. All of the employees are helpful and friendly. The inside of the cafe is clean and modern and there is seating both inside and outside. The outdoor seating is very pleasant, with spacious tables in both the sun and the shade.  

The Black Dog Heights Cafe is part of the chain of The Black Dog restaurants and clothing stores. The Black Dog is a popular brand among Cape Cod and the Islands. The company originated on Martha’s Vineyard as a restaurant and tavern in the 1970’s. The Black Dog logo quickly became a hit and spread across the east coast. 

Anyone who is travelling on the Cape, I recommend heading to one of the five The Black Dog cafe locations for a tasty treat.

Check out their awesome menu here.